Genesis Marketing provide campaigns that are niche focused with Below The Line Marketing to build brand awareness and drive sales through specific offers or promotions. Genesis Marketing will tailor your message in a more personal manner to your target audience. Below The Line Marketing results are highly measurable which gives you valuable insights into your return-on-investment. These insights can be used to tailor the next campaigns based on the feedback received.

Below The Line Marketing is a more cost effective alternative to promote your company compared to Above The Line promotions like ads on television, radio, out-of-home, magazines, cinema and newspaper.

Below The Line sales promotion is an immediate or delayed incentive to purchase, expressed in cash or in kind and having short duration. It is efficient and cost-effective for targeting a limited and specific group. We use less conventional methods focusing on direct means of communication like direct mail and e-mail with highly targeted lists of names to maximize response rates.

Below The Line marketing ensures recall of the brand or company and highlights the features of the brand or company at the same time.

We can deploy sales personnel at selected locations to establish one-to-one relationship with consumers on tele-marketing, road shows, promotions, in-shop and shop-front activities, and display units.

    Below the Line Marketing Services
  • Acrylic Displays
  • Designing promotional literature
  • Vehicle Graphing & Branding

  • Locational Promotions
  • Mobile Promotion Units
  • Focused Group Promotions
  • Merchandising

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Show Management

  • Product Launches
  • Entertainment Events
  • Theme Events

    Demand Generation
  • Lead Generation DM
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Lead Qualification Program
  • Direct Mailing
  • Campaign Tele-marketing
  • Response Management
  • Trade Incentives
  • Channel Incentives
  • Team Incentives
  • Online Promotion

    Meetings & Conventions
  • Industry Conventions
  • User Meets
  • Annual Meets
  • Sales Meets
  • Dealer Meets

  • Web Design
  • Analytics
  • Online Campaigns

    Internal Team
  • Recruitment & Staffing
  • Employee Motivation Program
  • Employee Joining Kit
  • Employee Conference & Meeting
  • Employee Gifts
  • Employee Team Building Activity